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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Favith, Aug 8, 2014.

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    A number of people have asked me to try one more time to help the server out so here's my last attempt.

    I'm going to toss out some ideas here. These are ideas I've seen work on other servers--some I've been staff on and some I've just been a player on. I'm not saying all of these ideas WILL WORK here, I'm just saying I know that they have had great success elsewhere and that they're worth considering for here. Let's face it--at this point trying SOMETHING here is better than the current state of affairs.

    1) Get rid of all jobs except Guard. Mining and Farming have their own rewards (resources and food). Guard is your reason to PVE. Fishing isn't worth the effort unless you've got McMMO added in (and even then it's debatable if getting to 1k fishing is worth the reward chances). If Guard is the only profession you eliminate the professions imbalance that currently exists now. Plus, you eliminate the headache from an admin/dev perspective of having to constantly tweak all professions for fairness. Allow people the use of darkrooms--what does it hurt? It's really no different than allowing current farmers to have massive farms.

    2) Allow everyone to be a merchant. Charge a higher daily fee to have one of the Spawn merchant stalls. If your bank reserve runs dry your merchant stall goes up for sale again. Currently, Merchant is useless as a stand-alone profession but the plugin you've got is far better than the standard merchant plugins most servers use--let EVERYONE use it!

    3) PVE dungeons. There's a whole other thread about it but it makes sense. Dungeons are fun, something to do and with the right plugins, very easy to make. You can even go the easy route at first and just make a mob arena. Again, people will use this if Guard is the only profession.

    4) Put Enchanted tools in the game. Possibly rewards from the dungeons or mob arena (like the other thread suggested). Possibly random mob drops (again, encourages PVE). Find a way to put enchanted tools back in--it's silly not to have them.

    5) Consider creating a two-faction dynamic. Red Team vs. Blue Team. Dwarves vs. Trolls. Humans vs. Vampires. Doesn't matter what you name the factions but you encourage pvp when you split the server between two sides. Players can rise up through the ranks of their factions and create towns on behalf of their factions. This takes things from town vs town to faction vs faction. The town vs town vibe we have going on doesn't work because towns are currently just a group of friends who know each other from somewhere other than this server. Get a two faction system going and you essentially FORCE cooperation among all the players within their own faction. This, in turn, encourages pvp and gives people goals to work toward.

    6) Whatever you did on your old server--do it here! So many people come here saying they were players on your old server (Chaotic, I guess?). If you built a loyal following based on the things you did on that server then do them here! It worked before, it can work again. What sort of server was Chaotic? What did it have that this one doesn't?

    7) Staff---you need staff that actually play here. You need admins that show up. I understand real life and all but if you're trying to run a server you need staff that have sufficient free time to help you run it. This is especially true if you're as busy IRL as people say you are. The owner AND the staff can't all be too busy with RL to run the server--if you are, why try to have a server?

    8) Arena PVP. I've heard this is planned but if it isn't it should be. This gives people a place to find pvp if they can't find it in the world.

    9) Reduce the level/money grind. I know you guys wanted it to take a long time to rise through the ranks but the current rate is crazy. Do you know people's #1 complaint against Herocraft---it's too "grindy"! Nobody likes an MMORPG grindfest. Not to mention that you've tied some significant benefits to the ranks that other servers give as basic benefits. The slow rate that money comes in makes getting things like an LWC and a /sethome seem like a daunting task for new players. This can be solved by either a) giving basic things (LWC and /sethome) to people for free, b) making Guard the only job and making it pay much better or c)significantly lowering the costs of the current ranks.

    If you want to give people reasons to level then I'd suggest putting town ownership much higher. I'd suggest putting tool enchanting in there somewhere. If it's possible code-wise, maybe add the ability to dual-class at the highest levels?

    10) Make raiding (and defending) worth it. Nevermind the chance to get loot out of town chests--that's not enough incentive (especially with the best stuff always being in an LWC). Player killing (outside of arena pvp) should have massive rewards. If you make pvp rewarding enough people will want to do it, not hide from it. Raids will happen just to have a chance for one faction group to kill another--nobody will care that chests are locked and good loot isn't gained. Make killing a player worth killing 50 monsters. Make killing a player drop diamonds. Make killing a player drop special tokens usable at a special admin shop to buy things you can't normally get (enchanted weapons, armor, tools or potions, etc). There are all kinds of things you can do to make killing another player attractive. Of course, faction members can't kill their own faction--this reduces the chance that people will voluntarily "farm" each other for kills.

    11) Tie town population to physical town growth and land ownership potential. You have a 1-person town---you get to claim one chunk. Add two more people--another chunk. One chunk per every 2 residents after the initial town chunk. This keeps towns from becoming too massive and it gives incentive to recruit people. Likewise, make town ownership a very expensive endeavor that gets cheaper as you recruit more people. 1-3 people should be spending most of their in-game time making money in order to sustain the massive town upkeep costs that their small town requires. 4-6 people in a town should make the town costs go down. 6-10 should make it go WAY down. This encourages recruiting outside of people's small circle of RL friends.

    12) Consider plugins that make PVE harder and more interesting. I don't know what's been updated for 1.7.10 but I've been on servers that have had some interesting mob plugins. Some allow nether mobs to spawn in the overworld. Some make mobs harder but give them better loot. Some create random events (Bloodmoon was a good one for this) where mobs spawn out of nowhere in massive numbers. Remember, if Guard is your only profession anything you do to tweak PVE becomes an even better investment of your dev time.

    All the rest of the ideas I'd have for you would be RP related (I spend most of my time on RP servers). Since this isn't an RP server I'll leave those out of here.

    What do the rest of you have for ideas? Post them here and maybe we can help Phrst turn this server around!

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    To improve raiding: when you kill someone, there is a certain amount of time you have to bypass there lwc protection.

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