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    The upstream Minecraft project we rely on for modding APIs (Bukkit) is offically dead as of yesterday (9/6/2014). There were some licensing conflicts between Mojang and one of the former Bukkit developers, which has resulted in a DMCA takedown notice. This means no more updates to the Bukkit API, including no update for Bukkit 1.8.

    There is a new Minecraft API project in the works, a combination effort from the Forge and former Bukkit developers to create a replacement API that will resolve the issues that caused the current Bukkit project to close, the Sponge Project. Unfortunately when this new Sponge API comes out, ALL the plugins this server uses will need to be rewritten from scratch, both internal and 3rd party plugins.

    Some of us have been working on creating features for a new release and 1.8 update, namely PvM dungeons and quests. The events from the Bukkit project look like those plans will be on hold.

    I am going to be focusing my efforts on rebuilding the server from the ground up on the Sponge server. In the meantime, this means I will not be making any updates to the current server. The transition to Sponge may take several months, since there currently is no working server implementation for Sponge. Even when we get to Sponge, there may be features missing that we did not have before, so we may need to change or remove features that are currently on the server. It's going to be a long process.

    I know not may people are still using the server, but for those who are, I have no plans on taking the existing server down, however, it is going to be in maintenance only until the infrastructure can be rebuilt using Sponge. I'll keep this updated as new developments arrive.

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